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Habits and Routines

HabitsThe relationship between habits and routines We’ve talked about it earlier in this series how by definition a habit is a regular tendency that becomes hard to break or give up. For example, you might make coffee right away in the morning as a part of your...

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Habits – Goal Settings

HabitsGoal Setting  ‘’The man who moves a mountain does so first by carrying away small stones.” - Confucius Goal Setting This week we are going to talk about goal setting. As stated in the quote above, we can’t move mountains unless we start by ‘carrying away small...

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Habits – Routines, Habits & Lifestyle

HabitsRoutine, Habits, & Lifestyle  Happy New Year HAPPY 2023!! We hope you all have had a wonderful holiday season with your loved ones! As we know, walking into a new year often comes with resolutions and changes for overall life and well-being...

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Immunity – What’s in your medicine cabinet?

IMMUNITY What's in your medicine cabinet? What's in your medicine cabinet? Whether it be the flu virus, the common cold or a bacterial infection, our bodies have an amazing ability to fight off infection. However, there are also tools we can utilize to promote our...

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