Low Acid Coffee from Simpatico featuring AlignWell Chiropractic of Holland, MI

All Things Low Acid Coffee (video below)

We have highlighted a lot of great vendors at Holland Farmer’s Market this summer on our blog. There are so many amazing companies doing inspired and important things, providing needed goods and services with passion and excellence to our community. 

Every time we make purchases, we cast a vote for the kind of world we want to live in. We hope that our blog makes it easier to vote with your dollars, prioritizing our neighbors and the people in our community that are seeking to change the world for the better. 

Today, we want to highlight another one of the these companies doing great and important things in our community, they have 2 storefront locations in Holland and are a vendor at the farmers market selling one of our favorite hot liquids of all time, coffee. 

As you may know, most of us at AlignWell enjoy drinking coffee, but we REALLY enjoy drinking Simpatico’s coffee and we can’t wait to tell you why! 

All of the regular coffee low acid roasts on Simpatico’s website are Organic Certified and the are triple checked against mold (a common downfall of coffee). They buy their beans directly from the farmer, cutting out the middle men entirely. Simpatico cleans, exports, imports, and roasts all their coffee themselves which they are very proud of (as they should be). 

A little bit about coffee, coffee naturally and most sustainably grows in the shade. However, with coffee being such an internationally enjoyed beverage, this process has been streamlined and now unless it is labeled “shade grown” coffee is often grown in the sun with lots of pesticides to the detriment of the quality of coffee and the care of the earth. 

Shade grown coffee is better for you and the earth, Simpatico’s website shares,

“Simpatico coffee is grown under the natural forest canopy, keeping the entire wild ecosystem intact. This preserves the natural balance of beneficial insects and birds that keeps the bad insects at bay. The indigenous forests keep weeds in check and provide natural fertilizers. Our farmers don’t use pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers. ”

While Simpatico doesn’t have the fair trade certification (too many hurdles for already struggling farmers) Simpatico pays their farmers higher than fair trade prices. We love this about them. 

They pride themselves in having a supply chain that benefits the earth, farmer, and consumer and we have to say, as Holland dwelling coffee drinkers, we feel really grateful to have such a thoughtful company in our city. 

Another thing to know about Simpatico is that they offer low acid coffee options to consumers. Why do we love this? Low acid coffee is easier on the stomach for people who suffer from digestive issues like IBS or heartburn, it sometimes contains more antioxidants, and it is also less likely to stain your teeth! 

Their website says “Simpatico Coffees were ranked best tasting among low acid coffees in a blind, third party review by CoffeeReview.com! They said, “The flavor winners by far among the advertised low-acid coffees were the Simpatico Coffee samples.”’

We love Simpatico Coffee’s mission, their purpose driven business model, their coffee, and allergy friendly baked goods (we haven’t said much about them in this blog but they are delightful). Check out their storefronts on the North or South side of Holland, or at the farmers market! 

Low Acid Coffee from Simpatico featuring AlignWell Chiropr

Simpatico Coffee

Taste and experiance Simpatico’s low acid coffee made with wild shade grown coffee beans straight from the mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico. Simpatico is passionate about currating coffee of superior quality while remaining environmentally and socially responsible. Grab a cup on your way to work (they have a drive through!) or stop by their mobile shop at the Holland Farmers Market every Wednesday & Saturday.

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