Kale from the Holland Michigan Farmers Market off 8th st

All Things Kale (video below)

This is the fourth summer AlignWell has partnered with the Holland Farmers Market to encourage wellness & healthy eating in our community! 

We are so grateful this resource exists and wish everyone would take advantage of the incredible opportunity we have to support local farmers and vendors that work tirelessly to provide this invaluable service and food for our city. 

This time of year, one of our favorite foods is fresh and on full display at the market, kale and collard greens! 

Kale and collard greens may be the easiest to grow in your own garden. It is a biannual, meaning it won’t bolt or put off flowers for a full year. This results in a bigger and more prolonged harvest than other greens like lettuce or spinach. In other words, kale and collard greens are available at the farmers market and in local gardens all year long. Amazing! 

Kale and collard greens are in the same family as cauliflower and broccoli. They are among some of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet, superfoods if you will, and are easy to make delicious. 

Leafy vegetables and greens are an important part of every diet. Greens like kale and collards are extremely high in vitamin K which is great for your bones and also for fighting illness. They are also high in vitamin A, C, and magnesium! 

Kale and collards can be kind of tough so one of the keys to make them delicious is to massage them with a little bit of olive oil or lemon juice. It might sound weird, but it makes all the difference in the world and so much easier to chew in a salad or fresh! 

Kale and collards are also excellent in smoothies or juice! Greens are so versatile but check out the salad featured below from Cook & Kate.

What’s your favorite way to enjoy greens? 

Gardening Tip:

Make the most of your kale plant by harvesting the mature outer leaves first, that way the plant can be harvested over and over again.

Kale Salad

Greek Kale Salad with Creamy Tahini Dressing

The key to a perfect salad is chopping your veggies to bite size, adding chopped nuts, fruit, other veggies, and finish with your dressing of choice. Try this un-boring greek kale salad from Cookie & Kate, let us know what you think!

EIghth Day Farm of Holland Michigan an urban farmi

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Learn more about the Eighth Day Farm difference and how their passion for Creation Care is embodied throughout their farming practices. Visit their website for more information including their subscription based services for all your composting, seasonal produce, and plant buying needs.

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