Zucchini from TerAvest Farms at Holland, Michigan Farmers Market off 8th st

All Things Zucchini (video below)

Your favorite chiropractor in Holland is back with this weeks produce highlight, Zucchini!

It is that time of year when summer squash and zucchini is coming out of everyone’s ears and you can bet we’re taking full advantage.

The farmers market and maybe your very own garden are BURSTING with this nutritious and prolific vegetable and we are celebrating the harvest! 

Zucchini is rich in fiber, vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium, antioxidants, folate, and micronutrients. 

All of these nutrients are excellent for a health promoting diet and lifestyle! 

Tips for gardening you may not know, harvest those summer squash varieties when they are small and tender unless you’re ready for your plant to stop producing for the year. This can be tricky when they grow so fast and hide behind those big leaves! Picking them younger will tell your plant to produce more, every plant’s goal is to make great seeds for reproduction and that requires the fruit to mature longer to really develop those seeds until they are hard and durable (think pumpkin seeds).

Some of our favorite ways to eat zucchini and summer squash are in zucchini bread or muffins, shredded or spiraled in pasta sauce, or grilled with a little olive oil, spices, & lemon juice. Because the flavor is so mild you could even blend it in smoothies!

Gardening Tip:

Zucchini requires lots of water, sun, and well-drained soil but if your blooms are dying and you don’t have enough pollinators you’re going to need to pollinate by hand if you want to eventually reap harvest.

Banana Oat Zucchini bread made with fresh zucchini from the Holland, MI Farmers Market

Banana Zucchini Oat Bread

Love bread but can’t eat gluten? Take advantage of the abundance of zucchini at the Holland, Michigan farmers market and try this gluten free, vegan friendly banana zucchini oat bread!

TerAvest Farms interviewed by AlignWell Chiropractic in Holland, Michigan

TerAvest Farm

Based out of Hudsonville, MI TerAvest brings a wide variety of produce to market every week. With 30 acres of farmland and little to no pesticide use TerAvest is commited to brining you the freshest of fresh. Oh, and did we mention they pick everything by hand!

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