Maple Syrup from the Holland, Michigan farmers market featuring AlignWell Chiropractic of Holland

All Things Maple Syrup (video below)

While we are not fans of excessive added sugar at AlignWell, sometimes a little is what you need to help a recipe come together at home and when that is the case, maple syrup is a great option! 

We are so lucky in Michigan to have maple syrup available from local vendors at the Holland Farmers Market! It is a labor of love to harvest and make and worth every penny. 

“The medical journal Pharmaceutical Biology revealed that pure maple syrup contains up to 24 different antioxidants. These antioxidants, in the form of phenolic compounds, are beneficial for reducing free radical damage that can cause inflammation and contribute to the formation of various chronic diseases” (2022, Maine Maple Producers Association). 

Unlike regular processed white sugar, maple syrup also contains some vitamins like zinc and manganese. 

While added sugar often contributes to disease and inflammation, maple syrup is a more whole foods option when it is used in moderation cooking at home! While maple syrup doesn’t work as a 1 to 1 swap for white sugar in most baking recipes, it is great when a recipe calls for a little bit of sweetener. Many beloved recipes can be made without the processed ingredients, there are so many great food blogs and cookbooks available today sharing tips for doing just that! 

Healthier buckeye peanut butter balls with maple syrup from the holland michigan farmers market

Peanut Butter Balls

This lighter take on buckeyes (peanut butter balls) are all the rave among those in the comments. Save this recipe for the upcoming holiday season or for when you have a sweet tooth for a little less guilt or to eat one more extra 😉

Maple Syrup from the Holland, Michigan farm

Flagel's Sugar House

Skip the popular syrups you find at your big box grocers, many of which contain a long list of ingredients not including maple syrup.  Instead, shop local and stop by our Holland Farmer’s Market to visit our vendor, Flagel’s Sugar House, for the freshest, purest maple syrup you can find. This unrefined, unprocessed alternative to sugar has way more helpful properties… in moderation of course.

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